Monday, July 12, 2010

Worried about the last Week!

So I have to say everybody that I am extremely nervous for the last week of school. As I finish our final research paper I am starting to get worried about how the professor will feel about. I feel that I did a really good job on it but I think I could of added a bit more to it. I think the problem might be that I have no confidence when it comes to writing and honestly feel that everybody is a much better writer than I am. So how did the final paper go for everybody else. I have to so though after this class that I truly enjoy writing much more and it will not be as much of a chore but actually and joyful hobby. The hardest thing for me in this class was the fact that we weren't writing opinionated papers. Most of my writing that I have done in the past has been creative writing and that is much different the this class. In lots of opinionated papers you can usually add as much fluff as you want and it still is good. But in this class it would just sound much less professional. Well I hope you all do great on the final push of the term. Good luck to you all!!!!

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