Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Term is finally coming to an end

Well I am so glad that this term is finally coming to an end because I really need a little bit of a break from school. Currently I am going to school full time, working a full time job, and volunteering at the hospital. It is just to much work for this summer. I have to say this is one of my favorite classes that I have taken at Kaplan so far. I feel that my writing composition skills have greatly improved but I also think they need a little bit more work as well. Writing is just so hard for me it seems to take me forever to just get started. I think the thing that helped me the most in my writing process was laying out my paper before hand and brainstorming so I can get the idea of what I want my paper to be. It is very useful and I recommend it to all. Well good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Worried about the last Week!

So I have to say everybody that I am extremely nervous for the last week of school. As I finish our final research paper I am starting to get worried about how the professor will feel about. I feel that I did a really good job on it but I think I could of added a bit more to it. I think the problem might be that I have no confidence when it comes to writing and honestly feel that everybody is a much better writer than I am. So how did the final paper go for everybody else. I have to so though after this class that I truly enjoy writing much more and it will not be as much of a chore but actually and joyful hobby. The hardest thing for me in this class was the fact that we weren't writing opinionated papers. Most of my writing that I have done in the past has been creative writing and that is much different the this class. In lots of opinionated papers you can usually add as much fluff as you want and it still is good. But in this class it would just sound much less professional. Well I hope you all do great on the final push of the term. Good luck to you all!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coming to an end!?!

Well this week I finally realized that I am seriously going to have to work my butt off and nail this final draft of the paper. I can't believe the summer is almost halfway over and the summer term is coming to an end. Then again all great things must come to an end. So how is the writing process going for everybody else? I think my biggest problems are going to be to perfect my thesis statement so that what, how, and why is clearly stated in my paper. I am also sorting having trouble wrapping up the paper. All good papers need a good end that sums the topic up entirely and its just taking me a while to get there. I gotta say after taking this class that my confidence is building up and I sort of have faith that I am a decent writer now. Well good luck to all and enjoy this beautiful summer!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Job on the Papers Guys!!!

Great job everybody on firs draft of our papers. I really enjoyed reading them. It made me think of how different all of our writing styles are. All the papers I read were completely different and very original. All the advice I got for my paper was great and sure is going to make writing my final draft much easier. One thing that was really hard for me was staying on topic of my research. I am just a creative writer at heart and when writing a research paper that makes it a lot harder. You to get right to the point and no fluff is necessary at all and sort of makes your paper less creditable. Well hopefully in these next couple weeks I can perfect my paper and get rid of all the unnecessary fluff. What was the hardest thing for you guys in the writing process? So whats next after comp 2 for everybody else is anybody going to pursue another writing class or even a career in it? I think this is it for me, I love writing but I am going to stay focused on my degree and hopefully my career. I definitely learned a lot in this class and I believe have greatly improved my writing skills.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tough Week!

Well I gotta say this week was the hardest I have ever experienced in college. I had a huge exam in my Human Disease and I had to sum up my research for the first draft of our research paper. I am starting to feel that stem cell research was a bit too broad of a topic and maybe a bit too bias. But I have to say i'm really interested in the subject and it is very fun to write about. I worked really hard on the first draft of my paper but I believe its going to need a lot of revising. Well after all I guess thats why they call it a rough draft. I found it very hard to find information that was credable on the subject. It seems to be a very bias subject but the kaplan university library helped me a lot with that one. I can't wait to see how I did on my first draft though, I very anxious. So what was the hardest thing for you guys. This week was really hard for me also because I worked a 50 hour week, it was my cousin's wedding over the weekend and the weather was so amazing. It was in the 80's and thats like super hot for Alaska. Well hope all is well with everyone and good luck to all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The beginning is the hardest!?!

So one thing I have to say is that writing is probably my biggest challenges in school and also in life in general. I just can never seem to use the right words properly. So I’m hoping that after taking this class all of that will change. I got to so though I am digging this class. It kind of reminds of creative writing a little considering the fact that we got to choose the topic of our research paper. But I know it will be different considering that the information in our research paper must be factual and we must prove a point. My biggest struggle is going to getting started on this paper I have so many ideas swirling around in my head and am not sure which ones are the best for the paper. But I believe the key is going to be using and experimenting with the writing techniques that were described in our last discussion board. The thing with me is that it takes me forever to start the paper but once I get started there is no stopping me. So I believe that once I overcome this first obstacle everything else will flow accordingly. But life tends to throw in some unavoidable obstacles your way every now and then.

Where to Start?

So this is probably my third week of writing and researching about my project and it seems that I’m getting nowhere. I just seem to have all these ideas in my head and it’s very overwhelming to me. For a while I truly didn’t know where to start and often times I got very frustrated. But this week I have experienced with a few new writing techniques. First of all I’ve been brainstorming all the ideas that pop into my head and writing them on paper so it well help with the direction I would like to go. To tell you the truth it totally works. It lets me see which ideas are actually logical for the paper and which ones are not. I totally recommend the brainstorming technique before starting on your paper. Before this class I often times just went with my gut and wouldn’t really plan my paper. It was kind of just free writing but the free writing usually ended up being my final draft. Definitely is not the best plan of action when writing a paper. The other writing technique I’ve been experimenting with is informal outlining. Basically what I did is put my brainstorming ideas in the form of an outline so I can finally start the writing on my paper. I believe you definitely have to try out many different techniques to find the one that fits your writing style. Well hope all is well with everyone and good luck on the paper!