Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I have started to notice most of the professors at Kaplan are stressing on plagiarism. It must be a problem for many students attending Kaplan. So have any of you guys been accused of stealing another individuals thoughts and ideas? It happened to me once in high school and it was totally unintentional. I just merely didn't sight my resources correctly. It was a huge mess, I ended up getting an F on the paper and I was thrown into the detention office. Man oh man was it a bad experience and the worst part about it was that nobody believed me that it was an accident. So some advice to all of you students out there is to cite your sources correctly and always double check your work. It is so not worth getting accused of plagiarism when it is 100% unintentional. It’s a lot harder than sounds but remember that anything you read either on the internet or in a book is someone’s else’s ideas and thoughts and they should get the credit for their time and effort. Even if you change the words around and paraphrase it does not mean that it’s yours. Well good luck to all and I hope none of you get accused of stealing someone else’s work like I did.

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  1. Denis - it is a huge problem. Your experience sounds like it was an education in itself!