Monday, June 14, 2010

Where to Start?

So this is probably my third week of writing and researching about my project and it seems that I’m getting nowhere. I just seem to have all these ideas in my head and it’s very overwhelming to me. For a while I truly didn’t know where to start and often times I got very frustrated. But this week I have experienced with a few new writing techniques. First of all I’ve been brainstorming all the ideas that pop into my head and writing them on paper so it well help with the direction I would like to go. To tell you the truth it totally works. It lets me see which ideas are actually logical for the paper and which ones are not. I totally recommend the brainstorming technique before starting on your paper. Before this class I often times just went with my gut and wouldn’t really plan my paper. It was kind of just free writing but the free writing usually ended up being my final draft. Definitely is not the best plan of action when writing a paper. The other writing technique I’ve been experimenting with is informal outlining. Basically what I did is put my brainstorming ideas in the form of an outline so I can finally start the writing on my paper. I believe you definitely have to try out many different techniques to find the one that fits your writing style. Well hope all is well with everyone and good luck on the paper!

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