Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tough Week!

Well I gotta say this week was the hardest I have ever experienced in college. I had a huge exam in my Human Disease and I had to sum up my research for the first draft of our research paper. I am starting to feel that stem cell research was a bit too broad of a topic and maybe a bit too bias. But I have to say i'm really interested in the subject and it is very fun to write about. I worked really hard on the first draft of my paper but I believe its going to need a lot of revising. Well after all I guess thats why they call it a rough draft. I found it very hard to find information that was credable on the subject. It seems to be a very bias subject but the kaplan university library helped me a lot with that one. I can't wait to see how I did on my first draft though, I very anxious. So what was the hardest thing for you guys. This week was really hard for me also because I worked a 50 hour week, it was my cousin's wedding over the weekend and the weather was so amazing. It was in the 80's and thats like super hot for Alaska. Well hope all is well with everyone and good luck to all.

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