Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Job on the Papers Guys!!!

Great job everybody on firs draft of our papers. I really enjoyed reading them. It made me think of how different all of our writing styles are. All the papers I read were completely different and very original. All the advice I got for my paper was great and sure is going to make writing my final draft much easier. One thing that was really hard for me was staying on topic of my research. I am just a creative writer at heart and when writing a research paper that makes it a lot harder. You to get right to the point and no fluff is necessary at all and sort of makes your paper less creditable. Well hopefully in these next couple weeks I can perfect my paper and get rid of all the unnecessary fluff. What was the hardest thing for you guys in the writing process? So whats next after comp 2 for everybody else is anybody going to pursue another writing class or even a career in it? I think this is it for me, I love writing but I am going to stay focused on my degree and hopefully my career. I definitely learned a lot in this class and I believe have greatly improved my writing skills.

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